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Nueva Jersey debe hacer más para proteger a los trabajadores de almacén del COVID-19

[en inglés] Governor Murphy has implemented important measures to protect New Jersey workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as COVID-19 cases in warehouses grow, warehouse workers at companies like Barnes & Noble, Amazon and others are demanding additional state action. The Warehouse Workers Stand Up coalition has proposed Governor Murphy enact additional and immediate measures to protect warehouse workers.

Por fin, algo de protección para trabajadores de almacén y tiendas /Editorial

( [en inglés] Somewhat lost amid the uproar around Gov. Phil Murphy’s directive that New Jersey parks be closed to help mitigate the spread of the coronavirus was another executive order issued last week: No. 122. That order calls for more restrictions on essential retail stores, such as supermarkets — including limiting stores to a 50% occupancy rate and greater protections for workers at warehouses and in manufacturing, because, Murphy said, “no one should be working where social distancing isn’t being practiced to its fullest extent.”

Gobernador Murphy, cierre el almacén de Barnes & Noble en Monroe Township, NJ (Petición)

La semana pasada, los y las trabajadoras de Barnes & Noble en Monroe Township protestaron y demandaron que la compañías cierre sus instalaciones durante dos semanas manteniendon los sueldos completos para desinfectar y limpiar las instalaciones, permitir que los y las trabajadoras hagan cuarentena curante el cierre y que se implementen protecciones adicionales cuando se reabra.

Si Barnes & Noble no puede garantizar la seguridad de sus instalaciones, es hora de que actúen nuestros líderes electos.

Cinco trabajadores de Barnes & Noble son diagnosticados con coronavirus en Nueva Jersey

(CNN) [En inglés] Employees at the facility received a letter from management Tuesday morning telling them as many as nine of their coworkers are currently suffering from Covid-19 symptoms, according to a spokesman for the Laundry Distribution and Food Service joint board union, which helped organize a planned protest by Barnes & Noble workers Tuesday. Only five of the nine alleged Covid-19 cases have been confirmed by doctors, Barnes & Noble director of communications Alex Ortolani told CNN Business.